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guitarman - Sun, May 2, 2010, 10:24 P
Music Lessons on Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Uke and Lute
Music Lessons on Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Uke and Lute
Ages 9 to 90 are most welcome!

Michael Nix


Beginning guitar and guitar fundamentals on acoustic or electric
Finger styles, beginners to advanced
Classical, novice to advanced
Fretboard theory
Notation (including notes, tablature, and chord/charts)


5 String
Clawhammer / Frailing
Bluegrass/Melodic three finger style

4 String
Tenor in traditional tuning
Tenor in Irish or celtic tuning
Plectrum in C or Chicago tuning

6 and 7 string banjo


beginners to advanced

Uke: Chords, strums, and melody for the contemporary player

Renaissance Lute: French and Italian Tabs. Guitar players pick up this instrument very quickly!

Music Theory and Composition: juice up your instrumental and song writing skills!

Friendly, Fun, Supportive, environment . Lessons to your interests and needs.
Located in Downtown Greenfield. Free Parking.
Lesson times Monday-Thursday, check the website for available times.

Jun 28, 2022