turnitup - Fri, Aug 7, 2009, 12:01 A
In Roger’s Absence...
Once again, thanks to Rog for letting me take the controls while he was kicking back in Maine!
I had fun and hope you all enjoyed the show this past week.

Fortunately, Roger will be back this week with a rockin' show (and more Duncan Browne, I hear!).
In case you needs it, here is what I played last Sunday:

Crooked Fingers - What Never Comes
Rogue Wave - Chicago X 12
Albert Hammond, Jr. - In My Room
Jimmy Campbell - In My Room
Bill Fay - Garden Song
Duncan Browne - I Was, You Weren't
Bill Fox - Over and Away She Goes
Czar - Tread Softly On My Dreams
Downliners Sect - Glendora
JuJus - You Treat Me Bad
Sugar Pie DeSanto - I Don't Wanna Fuss
Peter Hammill - Easy to Slip Away
Guided By Voices - At the Farms
Duncan Browne - On the Bombsite
Shangri Las - Long Live Our Love
Donovan - Breezes of Patchoulie
Emitt Rhodes - The Man He Was
Bee Gees - Red Chair Fade Away
Stray - Time Machine
Kaleidoscope - The Sky Children
Duncan Browne - Chloe in the Garden
Julee Cruise/David Lynch - The World Spins
Kaleidoscope - Do It Again For Jeffrey
Weed - Sweet Morning Light
Duncan Browne - Here and Now

There you have it! Until next time....

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