turnitup - Mon, Oct 12, 2009, 11:01 P
Playlist for TIU Till 11 Oct. 11, 2009 "Lady Power" episode
Break Out The Wine- Jan And Lorraine
Carpet Of The Sun- Renaissance
Bright Lights- Julie Covington
Casket Vignette- Bobbi Gentry
I Missed You- Gay and Terry Woods
I Like Playing With Fire- Runaways
Fairy Prince Rainbow Man- Ruthann Friedman
Jesus Was A Crossmaker- Judee Sill
She's My Best Friend- Jackie DeShannon
Port And Lemon Lady- Goliath
Snowblind- Judy Henski and Jerry Yester
Standing On The Shore- Anne Briggs
December's Boudoir- Laura Nyro
Fireball Of Love- Shocking Blue
Beyond The Clouds- Poppy Family
The Music- January Tyme
Everybody Knows- Lily and Maria
Flies Like A Bird- Chris Harwood
Warrior Of The Water- Claire Hamill
Hold On- Sharon Tandy
Dead Man's Eyes- Spriguns
Sugartown- Nancy Sinatra
Sister Morphine- Ellen Warshaw
I Can Never Go Home Again- Shangra-La's
Fire And Wine- Anne Briggs
Stones Breath Away- Barbara Keith
Here, There, and Everywhere- Bobbi Gentry

Thanks to David Brown for being a lovely guest host and picking out 60% of this shows wonderful song selection. Next weeks, Mr. Joshua Bean (Count Westwest, Turn It Up) will guest host. Fun and merriment will ensue. Have a great week!
Oh, song requests? You got em? Lay em on me roger@turnitup.com
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