turnitup - Sun, Mar 1, 2009, 10:09 P
Playlist for March 1st episode of TURN IT UP TILL 11
BRITISH PROG 101 was the lesson for this evenings show. Thanks to Prog rock connoisseur David Browne for co-hosting. All selections were hand picked by the magical Mr. Browne.

Yes- Beyond and Before
Caravan- Golf Girl
Pink Floyd- Point Me At The Sky
Procol Harum- Shine On Brightly
Van Der Graff Generator- Killer
The Nice- Flower King Of Flies
Hawkwind- Hurry On Sundown
Barclay James Harvest- Taking Some Time On
Genesis- Stagnation
Strawbs- Queen Of Dreams
Emerson Lake and Palmer-Time and A Place
Kevin Ayers- Butterlfy Dance
The Move- Fields Of People
Edgar Broughton Band- Hotel Room
Traffic-Heaven Is In Your Mind
Satisfaction- She Follows The Band
Camel- Freefall
Caravan- Love To Love You

If you have any questions regarding these songs, feel free to email me at roger@turnitup.com

Got any song requests? Email me those as well. I will try to play them on a future show.


Roger Knight
Feb 9, 2023