Info for Bands
Are You in a Band?

Local bands are invited to create an account for themselves and post their gigs, if they’re not already posted by the venue.

Features coming online for bands:

  • Band Page, with images, links and other fun stuff.
  • Picture library. Upload up to 10mb of images of band shots, such as gigs, etc.  Some photos will be pulled into a random Flash image gallery on the homepage of the website
  • MP3 Uploads!  Yes, you can upload your songes (up to five of them), which will automatically play on the homepage in a Flash MP3 player. All the songs on the server will be pulled into a random play order, right on the homepage.
  • Access to the whole website, and the CALENDAR -- The only place in Western Mass that will list All the bands, All the venues, All the time.
  • Don’t forget to check out the mobile-enabled version of the website, at  -- pull us up on your phone when you’re bar-hopping or just out on the town.

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