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Weekly Band E-Mail #99.0
WEEKLY BAND E-MAIL #99.0 October 8th-October 14th, 2009
Please don't hesitate to send me your questions, comments,
and suggestions! DOS = Day of Show

Information for the Weekly Band E-Mail is taken directly from venue,
band, and musician web sites and MySpace pages, as well as blogs,
posters, flyers, and e-mails.. Brian Anastasi assumes no responsibility
for errors on these sources.

If you are under 18 and a show is not marked ALL AGES, or if you are
between 18 and 20 years old, call the venue to find out what kind of show it is.

Always call the venue in advance to see if the show is as advertised.
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Hi everyone. I am still recovering from my recent illnesses and rehab. One of the things that has developed since all this started happening is that I have something that resembles Parkinson's disease. I have experienced this before and it has subsided, so that may happen yet again. But I do not feel that I am able to do a newsletter with listings at this time.

Therefore, I will continue to put out a much smaller, music news-oriented bulletin until I feel able to go back to the previous format. Thank you for your understanding.


1. Manners - Passion Pit
2. Magic Magic - Magic Magic
3. Late Season Kids - The Beatings
4. Farm - Dinosaur Jr.
5. Paint the Fence Invisible - Drug Rug
6. This Ain't No Shitstorm - The Peppermint Patties
7. Carpenter Bird - The David Wax Museum
8. Gottagetouttahere - The Lights Out
9. The Sky (or The Underground) - Mean Creek
10. It Feels So Good When I Stop - Joe Pernice
11. Electricity from Post Midnight Thrills - 28 Degrees Taurus
12. Book of Lies - The Blizzard of 78
13. The Great Bandini - The Great Bandini
14. The Secret Trees - Huak
15. Sarcastic Majestic - I Have Ears
16. The New Collisions - The New Collisions
17. Good for Nothing - Televandals
18. Mouth to Mouth - The Vivs
19. Hey Medusa - The Acro-brats
20. Streakin' Cross the Sky - Apple Betty
21. Barbarians - Dear Leader
22. The Tony the Bookie Orchestra - Tony the Bookie
23. White Ink, Black Ink - Wheat
24. Chilly Allston EP - Casey Desmond
25. Sarah Rabdau and Self-Employed Assassins -
Sarah Rabdau and Self-Employed Assassins
26. Crucial Schmooze - Big Big Bucks
27. Stay Up Late - Ian Adams
28. Fluent in Stroll - Big D and the Kids Table
29. Love Trust Faith Lust - Meandjoancollins
30. Les Biches - Cursillistas

This list is compiled for The Noise-Boston by RadioTony,
using playlists from
WAAF Westborough/WKAF Brockton
WBRS Waltham
WCUW Worcester
WHRB Cambridge
WMBR Cambridge
WMFO Medford
WRBB Boston
WULM Lowell
WTCC Springfield
WZBC Newton
WZLX Boston.

Brian Anastasi thanks RadioTony for his kind permission to reprint this list in the Weekly Band E-Mail.


The Valley Advocate, an alternative weekly that covers the 413 area code of western Massachusetts, has announced the winners of its annual Grand Band Slam readers poll. The winners are:

Singer/Songwriter: Ella Longpre
Folk: World's Greatest Dad
New Band: God the Robot
Street Musician: Bennie the Bucket Man
Celtic: Big Bad Bollocks
Rock: Swillmerchants
DJ: DJ Scooby, WAIC-FM, Springfield
Experimental/Noise: Q
Groove: Brass Attack of Springfield
Country: Cottonwood
Cover: Orange Crush
Jazz fusion: Jo Sallins
Funk: Unit7
Punk: RabbitRabbit
Reggae: Fear Nuttin Band
Hardcore: The Devils Moses
Electronica: Jeff Bujak
Pop: Tailor Made
Traditional Jazz: The Leah Randazzo Group
Latin: Viva Quetzal
World: Tony Vacca's World Rhythms
Metal: Shadows Fall
Swing: The Primate Fiasco
Tribute: Back in Black
Blues: Barely Legal
Hip-Hop: The Problemaddicts

The annual Grand Band Slam winners show will once again be held at Maximum Capacity, 116 School Street in Chicopee this Saturday, October 10th. There will be three stages, one outside and two inside. Admission, as always, is free. Here is the preliminary schedule as of Friday, October 2nd:.

1:00-1:45pm: The Primate Fiasco
2:00-2:45pm: Brass Attack
3:00-3:45pm: Orange Crush
4:00-4:45pm: Tony Vacca's World Rhythms
5:00-5:45pm: Fear Nuttin Band

6:00-7:00pm break

7:00-7:30pm: John Barrett from Into the Wild
7:45-8:15pm: Barely Legal
8:30-9:00pm: Check Your Head
9:15-9:45pm: Ella Longpre
10:00-10:30pm: Jo Sallins
10:45-11:15pm: God the Robot
11:30pm-12:00 midnight: Shokazoba
12:15-12:45am: John Brandoli
1:00-1:30am: Jeff Bujak

7:15-7:45pm: World's Greatest Dad
8:00-8:30pm: The Devils Moses
8:45-9:15pm: Q
9:30-10:00pm: Tailor Made
10:15-10:45pm: Swillmerchants
11:00-11:30pm: The Problemaddicts
11:45pm-12:15am: DPR
12:30-1:45am: Lady Sasquatch


In "Big Yellow Taxi," Joni Mitchell sings "Don't It Always Seem to Go That You Don't Know What You've Got 'Till It's Gone." In August, while I was in rehab, Dynamite Records on Main Street in Northampton closed, leaving us here in western Mass. with Turn It Up! in Northampton, Platterpus in the Hampshire Mall in Hadley, and Mystery Train and Newbury Comics in Amherst.

Although Newbury Comics is a chain, it is a small chain that has most of its stores in Massachusetts, much the same as Bull Moose has most of its stores in Maine. But Newbury Comics co-owner Mike Dreese recently reported that his chain suffered the same steep decline in sales that all of retail did in late September of 2008.

Dreese included a "year in review" with his weekly mailing two weeks ago, and outlined the ways his chain is surviving and some ideas he has in the pipeline. Newbury Comics locations carry lots of CDs by Massachusetts bands and musicians, even if it doesn't seem that way when you walk into the Amherst or Leominster store.

Now I am the first one to admit that I am from a different generation; a generation that likes to have something to hold in his hands and read while listening to the music. The artwork of a vinyl LP cover, the information about who wrote what song and who is sitting in on which tracks, even the smell of new vinyl after you tear open the plastic. Same thing for CDs except on a bit smaller scale. But the bottom line here is that if we don't continue to support these stores, ALL of these stores as much as we can, the experience of learning about music while you listen to it will disappear.


This year's Reel Blues Festival will be held at The House of Blues on Lansdowne Street in Boston on Thursday, October 29th at 8pm. The show will feature a live tribute to Grammy(tm) Award winner James Cotton. Featured performers include Huey Lewis (???), The James Montgomery Band, guitarist Jay Geils, Grace Kelly, David Maxwell, David Foster, Mike Kelly, Marty Richards, Marty Ballou, Mike Finnigan, Ernie and the Automatics, Matt Kelly from The Dropkick Murphys, Kim Wilson from The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Paul Oscher from the Muddy Waters band, guitarist Johnny A, and The Uptown Horns (the Rolling Stones' horn section).

General admission tickets are $35, and VIP tickets are $225. Advance tickets through Ticketmaster or at

The Reel Blues Festival concert was at the Academy of Music in Northampton last October. I went to that show and was lucky enough to sit in the front row. This is not only a great electric blues show, but the money goes to fund the Reel Blues Festival, which supports both independent film and independent music.
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