bananastasi - Tue, Mar 10, 2009, 9:09 P
Weekly Band E-Mail 80.1 March 10th, 2009
The best kept secret in town is no longer a secret. The location for U2's small venue show on Wednesday night (March 11th) will be the Somerville Theatre. I had a feeling it would be the Somerville Theatre when I found out that there will also be a Q&A session for the audience, because Bruce Springsteen did a similar thing at that venue seven years ago.

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone has announced that Davis Square, where the 900 seat Somerville Theatre is located, will be completely shut down for most of Wednesday. More than 50 Somerville police will be on duty both inside and outside the venue. Winners of the free tickets to the show are being urged to take the MBTA to the show.

The Somerville Theatre show is the third and last in a series of small venues that U2 will play at this week. The band played in Los Angeles on Monday night, and will play in Chicago on Tuesday night. Tickets to the Somerville Theatre show were given away all last week by five of the CBS-owned radio stations in Boston, including WBCN and WZLX. WBCN had a contest where they played two seconds (!!!) of a U2 song from their American debut at the Paradise Theater in 1980, and WZLX had a U2 Q+A, where Carter Alan came up with questions for listeners to answer, such as what is the name of The Edge's dog?

I am sure that nobody who is reading this won tickets to the show, so you wiill be pleased to know that the Somerville Theatre show will be broadcast live on WBCN Wednesday night. The live broadcast will be preceeded at 7:30pm by a show that U2 did at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston on November 14th, 1981. People between about Sturbridge and Boston can listen to WBCN on their radios at 104.1FM. The rest of us can listen online at

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