bananastasi - Wed, Apr 22, 2009, 10:21 A
Help Wanted
Hi everyone. Since I split up the Weekly Band E-Mail into EAST and WEST editions seven weeks ago, I have found it to be almost too much for me to do each week. I always said that I would stop doing it once it stopped being fun and began to be a chore, and that is where I find myself now.

I really only need one other person to help me. Gathering the news is simple. I get most of it from blog postings on MySpace and e-mails that bands and venues send me. And the WEST edition is pretty simple because we don't have all that many venues out here.

But it is the EAST edition that is becoming too much for me. And it's only going to get worse as summer approaches and all the clubs on the South Shore and Cape Cod begin to open in the next month. I have contacted a few people already and asked them for help, and the response I have gotten is either "it doesn't need to be so big" or "the East doesn't need the publicity." These statements, especially the second one, are unacceptable to me, especially since I purposely list only relatively small venues. So I am looking for one person who could help me with the EAST edition every week.

Please contact me for details at I can't pay you for your help, but I can put your name in as the co-author, and you will have my eternal gratitude. Thanks!
Oct 5, 2022