Info for Radio Stations
Information for Radio Stations

An offer to Radio wants to be THE place in the Pioneer Valley for music and entertainment event listings.  Having unlimited access to such a website is good business for local radio stations.

To that end, we encourage all broadcasters in the area to use this website as their source for local shows. Free and clear. If it’s listed here, you can mention it on the air, gratis.

Beyond that, would like to offer the following barter deals:

  • Banner Advertising Barter -- Your station could have sticky banner ads on the side of this website in exchange for on-air mentions, either in programming or as 15-second spots. Frequency and duration would be determined on a per-station basis, dictated by station demographics and banner needs.
  • Station Portal Website -- Your station could have a station-specific URL, such as or, with a co-branded header graphic and logo; a similar template to your existing station website template; and some station-specific content, as needed, in exchange for deep immersion and inclusion in on-air promotions and advertising. Visitors to the website would feel that your station is a partner in the website and that the event listings are part of your station website content.
  • Calendar Pull -- Your station website pulls our full calendar onto a page of your choice.


These offers are good only for radio stations in the Connecticut River Valley in Western Massachusetts, from Springfield, MA, to Brattelboro, VT.

If your radio station is interested, please call Patrick Davis at 413.522.4808 is powered by Montague WebWorks.

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Info for Venues
Do You Own A Venue?

Venue owners are most welcome on

Really. You MUST set up an account, and post all your events in the calendar. People want to know, and you want to tell them.  YOU are our main audience. We cater to you. May we take your coat?

Features coming online for Venues:

  • Venue Page, with images, links and other fun stuff.
  • Picture library. Upload up to 10mb of images of band shots, such as gigs, etc.  Some photos will be pulled into a random Flash image gallery on the homepage of the website
  • Access to the whole website, and the CALENDAR -- The only place in Western Mass that will list All the bands, All the venues, All the time.
  • Don’t forget to check out the mobile-enabled version of the website, at  -- pull us up on your phone when you’re bar-hopping or just checking out the town.

Go to the Live Music Calendar > has listings of live music and other events happening in the Pioneer Valley.  Set up a free account and start subscribing to the various feeds, or start posting your band / venue shows and events, and now you can upload music tracks too!

Aug 10, 2022